Travel Condition  (Order type planning trip / arrangement trip)

※Please read carefully before signing up / contract.

It will be a part of the contract document as stipulated in the Article 12-5 of the Business Act as well as an explanatory document of the terms of transaction set forth in Article 12-4 of the Travel Business Act.

1.Order type planning travel agreement

"Order type planning and traveling contract" (hereinafter simply referred to as "contract") means the destination and schedule of the travel, the contents of the transportation service that the customer can receive, and the customer Is a travel agreement that creates a plan concerning the trip that specifies the amount of the travel fee to be paid to the Company and carries out the trip accordingly.

2.Application for Contract

A customer who intends to apply for a contract with regard to the contents of the plan delivered by the Company to the customer fills in the prescribed application form prescribed by the Company and submits it to the Company together with the application fee specified separately by the Company .

  1. Customers who intend to conclude a communication contract with us must notify the membership number regardless of the provision of the preceding paragraph.
  2. We shall assume that the contracting officer has all authority to represent the agreement and the cancellation of the contract if there is a travel application from the contract manager who is the representative of the group consisting of the group / group.
  3. The contract manager must submit a list of travelers to the Company by the date specified by the Company.
  4. The Company shall not be held liable for any obligation or obligation that the contracting director is actually liable to the constituent or is expected to bear the future.
  5. If we do not accompany a group / group with a contract manager, after the start of the trip, we consider the constituent who was previously appointed by the contract managers as the contract managers.
  6. ① person with physical disability, ②. Those who are injured, ③ pregnant one, ④ auxiliary dog user and others who need special consideration Please tell us. We will respond to this within the range possible and reasonable. In addition, based on the offer from the customer, the expenses required for special measures taken by the Company for the customer shall be borne by the customer.

3.Rejection of contract signing

※In the following cases, the Company may not respond to the concluding of an order planned travel agreement.

  1. When there is circumstances on our business.
  2. When trying to conclude a communication agreement, part or all of the obligation on the travel fee can not be settled according to the card membership agreement of the partner company, such as the invalid credit card you have.
  3. When the customer inconveniences other customers or may impede the smoothi plementation of group actions.

4.When the contract is due

  1. The contract is established when the Company accepts the conclusion of the contract and accepts the application fee.
  2. When we conclude a contract with the contract manager, we may receive a contract application without payment of application fee with written agreement. In this case, the time of the establishment of the contract is established when the special contract document is issued.
  3. Application fee will be used for part of the travel fee, cancellation fee and other money paid by the customer to the company.
  4. Notwithstanding the provision of 1, the communication agreement shall be concluded upon issuance of a notice that the company accepts the application upon receipt of the notice of acceptance of the customer. However, in the case of issuing an electronic consent notice in the contract, it shall be established when the notice reaches the traveler.

6.Determined paper

  1. In the contract document, if the confirmed travel schedule or the name of the transportation or accommodation agency can not be described, the name of the accommodation agency scheduled to be used and the important transportation agency in the contract are enumerated and enumerated After the delivery of the contract document, on the day before the trip start date (in the event that an application for an order-oriented planning and travel contract was made on or after the seventh day after retroactively starting from the day before the trip start date, ) Until the day specified in the relevant contract document.
  2. In the case referred to in the preceding paragraph, when an inquiry from a customer who wishes to confirm the arrangement status is made, we will respond to this promptly and properly even before the delivery of the final document.
  3. In the case where a definite written document is issued, the scope of the travel service that the Company arranges and is obliged to manage the itinerary will be specified in the place specified on the finalized document.

7.Payment time of travel fee and change of travel fee

  1. The amount of the travel fee will be stated on the planning document of the order planning tour. Please pay the travel fee by the deadline stipulated by the Company up to the departure date of the trip.
  2. The fare and charge of the used transportation agency revised beyond the normally assumed extent, due to a change in publicly announced applicable fare and charges that are effective at the record date stated in the project document, etc. When it is done, the travel fee may be increased or reduced by the difference. In the case of increasing the travel fee, we will notify you before the day that falls on the 15th day from the day before the trip departure day, in which case the customer shall pay the planning fee or cancellation fee before the travel commencement date It is possible to cancel the contract without it. If the applicable fare / fee is reduced, we will reduce the travel fee by the difference.
  3. In the case where the Company stated on the contract document that the travel fee is different due to the persons who use the transportation / accommodation agency etc, the Company shall notify the person who is using the person who is using the contract after the establishment of the order receiving type planning travel contract, regardless of the reason attributable to the company When it is changed, the amount of the travel fee may be changed according to the place written on the contract document.

9.Customer change

  1. A traveler who has concluded an order-oriented planning travel contract with us can transfer the contractual position to a third party with the consent of the company.
  2. When requesting the Company's consent as prescribed in the preceding paragraph, the customer must fill out the prescribed form on the Company's prescribed form and submit it to the Company together with a fee of a prescribed amount.
  3. transfer of the contractual position referred to in paragraph (1) shall take effect upon the consent of the Company, and afterwards, a third party who has acquired the position under the contract of the contract will receive the customer's order planning travel agreement Inherit all rights and obligations pertaining to this Agreement.

10.Cancellation of travel agreement from customers

  1. In case of receiving planned fee or cancellation fee from customer

※Customers can cancel planned order travel contracts by paying the plan fee or cancellation fee stated in the project document.
※In the case of cancellation due to reasons such as loan procedures that are not our responsibility, we will charge a plan fee or a cancellation charge stated in the planned document.

2. If you do not receive planning fee or cancellation fee from the customer, in the following cases,the customer can cancel the order-oriented planning travel contract without paying the planning fee or cancellation fee before the start of travel.
※When important changes such as those exemplified below are made in the content of the travel agreement.

・Changing travel start date or end date
・Change of sightseeing spots, tourist facilities and other travel destinations to enter
・Change of type of shipping agency or company name
・Change to the lower one of the "equipment and grade" of the transportation organization
・Changes to different flights at the airport or the airport as the travel start point within Japan
・Changing the type or name of accommodation agency
・Changing guest room type, equipment, landscape and other guest room conditions※When the travel fee is increased (unless there is a request from the customer for change of contract contents)

※Safety and smooth implementation of travel may be impossible or impossible in the event of natural disasters, warfare, riots, suspension of provision of travel services such as transportation and accommodation agencies, orders of government officials or other reasons When it is extremely large.
※When the Company does not deliver a definite document to the customer by the due date.
※When a reason attributable to the Company's liability arises, it is impossible to carry out a trip according to the travel schedule stated on the contract document.
※If the customer is unable to receive the travel service stated in the contract document regardless of the reason attributable to the customer after the start of traveling or when the Company told us that fact, Regardless of the plan fee or cancellation fee, you can cancel the contract of the part of the travel service that can no longer be received. In this case, we will refund the amount relating to the portion of the travel fee which we are unable to receive.
※The Company shall pay a cancellation fee, penalty fee or other amount already paid
for the travel service from the amount pertaining to the part of the travel service which it is no longer able to receive the travel service, or the amount related to the expenses to be paid from the Company We will only refund the customer who deducted from the fact that it is not attributable to reasons attributable to it.

11.Cancellation of travel agreement from us

  1. Before the trip

※If the customer does not pay the travel fee by the deadline stated on the project document, the customer shall cancel the contracted planning travel contract the day after that date. In this case, the customer must pay a penalty fee of the amount equivalent to the cancellation fee or planning fee specified in the project document to the Company.

※In the following cases, we may cancel the ordering type planning travel agreement prior to the start of the trip by explaining the reason to the customer.

・When the customer is deemed unable to endure the travel due to illness, absence of necessary caretaker or other reasons.
・When a customer is troubled other travelers or there is a risk of hindering the smooth implementation of group travel.
・When the customer seeks a burden beyond a reasonable range concerning the contract contents.
・When traveling conditions such as the required snowfall amount for a trip for skiing and the like, and it is very likely that those specified in the contract contents will not be fulfilled.

2. After the trip starts

※In the following cases, the Company may cancel the travel agreement even after the start of travel. In this case, from the expenses of the part relating to the travel service for which the customer has not yet received the provision of the travel fee, the cancellation fee, the penalty fee or other expenses already paid for the travel service, or the expenses  which must be paid from now I will refund the amount after deducting it.

・When the customer can not bear the continuation of the trip due to illness, absence of necessary carers or other reasons.
・If you fail to comply with our instructions by tour operator or other person to safely and smoothly carry out the trip, or disrupt the discipline of group actions by assault or intimidation against these persons or other customers accompanying them, When hindering the safe and smooth implementation of the trip.
・It is impossible to continue traveling in the event of natural disasters, warfare, riots, discontinue the provision of travel services such as transportation / accommodation organizations, orders of government officials or other events that we can not engage in.

※According to the provisions of ① and ③ of this section 2, when we cancel the travel  agreement, we will arrange necessary arrangements to return to the departure place at the request of the customer.

12.Tour operator service

  1. The Company may provide tour operator services as requested by the contract manager. In this case, the transportation fee, accommodation fee, etc. necessary for accompanying the tour group service fee and tour group group group shall be included in the travel fee.
  2. In principle, the contents of the boarding service shall be the work required for conducting group and group actions on the travel schedule. Also, in principle, the tour operator's working hours will be from 8 o'clock to 20 o'clock.


13.Our responsibility

  1. We will indemnify damages if our company or a substitute agent damages the customer intentionally or by negligence.
  2. When the traveler suffers damage due to natural disasters, warfare, riots, discontinuation of the provision of travel services such as transportation / accommodation agencies, orders of public offices or other reasons that the Company or the Company's arranging agent can not be involved , We are not responsible for compensating for the damage except in case of 1.
  3. With respect to the damage caused by the baggage, from the day following the occurrence of the damage, the Company shall pay only ¥150,000 per customer as long as it is notified to the Company within 14 days for domestic travel We will indemnify Yen as a limit (unless there is intentional or gross negligence on our company).

14.Special compensation

During the trip, the Company shall pay compensation or payment of compensation for certain damages suffered in life, body or baggage due to a sudden accidental accident due to accident, within the range of the following amount according to the travel agency special compensation regulations I will pay. However, compensation fee etc. will not be paid in case of the reason for chapter 2 of the special warranty provision.

※Compensation for death:¥15,000,000
※Hospitalization money: ¥20,000 ~ ¥200,000
※Out visit money: ¥10,000 ~ ¥50,000
※Compulsory property damage compensation: ¥150,000 per customer
(However, it is limited to ¥100,000 per item subject to compensation.)

In the case where the customer does not receive any provision of travel services pertaining to the arrangement of the Company (based on the standard time of the travel destination) in the said order planning travel schedule, accordingly to that effect and due to the accident that occurred on that day With regard to damage on life, body or baggage, when explicitly stated in the contract document that payment of compensation and gifts has not been made, that day will not be considered"participation in order planning travel".

15.Itinerary guarantee

Changes listed in the table below for the travel schedule are due to shortages of seats, rooms and other facilities of transportation and accommodation agencies, etc., although transportation / accommodation agencies, etc. provide the travel service In case of being made, we will pay compensation for change of the amount by multiplying the travel fee by the rate specified in the following table according to the contents of the change according to the provisions of our travel agency contract (Department of Order Planning Travel Contract).
However, the amount of change compensation paid for one travel contract is limited to 15% of the travel fee. Also, if the amount of change compensation for one travel contract is less than ¥1,000, we will not pay the change compensation.

※Changes that require payment of change compensation

[1] Change of travel start date or travel end date stated in contract document

1.5% before the start of the trip
3% after the start of the trip

[2] Admission trips or tourist facilities (including restaurants)
stated in the contract document Change of the destination of the trip

1% before the start of the trip
2% after the start of the trip

[3] Change to the class of the transportation agency as stated on the contract document or to the one with a lower charge than the facility (when the total of the lower grade after the change and the lower fee of the equipment falls below that of the grade and facilities described in the contract document It is limited to.

1% before the start of the trip
2% after the start of the trip

[4] Change of the type of shipping agency or company name stated in the contract document

1% before the start of the trip
2% after the start of the trip

[5] Changes to different flights at the airport that is the travel starting point or the airport that is the travel end point stated in the contract document

1% before the start of the trip
2% after the start of the trip

[6] Changing the type or name of the accommodation organization stated on the contract document

1% before the start of the trip
2% after the start of the trip

[7] Changing the types of guest rooms, facilities, landscapes and other room conditions stated on the contract document

1% before the start of the trip
2% after the start of the trip

16.Customer's responsibility

  1. If we suffer damages due to intention or negligence by the customer, the customer must compensate for the damage.
  2. The customer must make use of the information provided by the Company and strive to understand the rights and obligations of the traveler listed on the contract document and the contents of the contract planning travel contract.
  3. When the customer recognizes that the travel service described on the contract document is different from the description content after the start of the travel, the customer must promptly notify the Company or the travel service provider accordingly in the travel destination Hmm.

17.About offering accidents etc.

If an accident occurs during the trip, please notify the contact address to notify in the final schedule immediately.(If there are circumstances that can not be notified, please notify me as soon as the circumstances disappear.)


18.About the handling of personal information

Since the information such as name, age, date of birth, telephone number, mail address, address, work place, etc. which you fill in the travel application corresponds to "personal information", we will handle the following personal information We will do our best to properly manage, use and protect personal information about customers by observing the basic policy concerning personal information and the law applicable to personal information.

  1. The Company will use the information to the extent necessary for arranging the travel service that the customer made the application. In addition, we will provide the travel service providing agency by sending the customer's name, passport number, local residence etc. in advance by electronic method etc. In addition, in order to provide better travel products and services to customers in the future, please inform us of new travel products and services, campaign information etc, asking for questionnaire and comments after participation in the trip, preparation of statistical materials etc. , We may use your personal information.
  2. We will not disclose / provide personal information held by customers, to third parties, except in the following cases.
    ※When there is consent of the customer himself / herself.
    ※In the case of disclosing and providing the minimum information necessary for travel servicearrangement to the traveling service providing agency, the company and the dealer's consignmentservice contractor.
    ※In cases where we are required to disclose / provide personal information by legal order etc.
  3. We can safely handle personal information when delegating business including some or all of the personal information you received from customers, such as traveling tour operator, airport counter service, storage / disposal service etc. to other companies After choosing a company, we will deposit information and conduct periodic supervision.
  4. We may refuse your application if personal information that we can not provide is indispensable for travel service arrangement.
  5. Please contact the person in charge of personal information management regarding the disclosure, deletion, suspension of use of personal data possessed by the Company, other questions concerning protection of personal information, and opinions.
  6. Person in charge of personal information management: representative
    phone: 011-200-9679 FAX: 011-200-9679


Matters that are not described on the order form planning travel agreement transaction terms contract description depends on the provisions of the travel agency contract (department of planned order travel contract).